Technology Predictions for 2007 (a bit late)

MacBook Pro 15

On 16 December 2006, I started writing a post with my predictions for 2007.

I thought 2007 would bring…

  • An internet set top box
  • Rich Client Interfaces (WPF/E vs Flash and WPF vs. Apollo)
  • More Mashups & just maybe the Semantic Web (microformats would win)
  • And just maybe some cool robots

Those things didn’t really happen in 2007. We got Apple TV, but it was a closed system. WPF never materialized because Vista adoption was slow. The semantic Web didn’t arrive, but the Facebook platform sure did. Flying robots, well we’re getting closer.

There were some pretty significant technological shifts in my life in 2007.

Last year, I…

  • Switched from Microsoft Windows Vista to Apple OS X
  • Switched from Hotmail to Gmail
  • Spent a ton of time writing Facebook Apps
  • Coveted the iPhone
  • Watched You Tube Videos on Christmas eve with family (on a computer, not a set top box)

Here’s one more cool robot for you.

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