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Stuck in the dark in Minecraft

Have you dug yourself into a minecraft black screen? Go to the options menu by pausing the game with the Esc key. From there, click video settings and increase the brightness until you can tell which direction is up.

I’ve been playing minecraft to understand what my nephews like about it. The biggest problem is I keep getting stuck in the dark (in a pitch black hole). Either I dig straight down, or night comes, or I fall into a lake.

The key to getting out was to go to the options menu and turn up the brightness.

minecraft black hole

I’m playing using the Mac desktop version of the game. Other articles I found told me to dig stairs to get out, but I couldn’t even see which way was up or down.

Apparently there used to be some kind of /home or /kill command but they don’t work for me in the current version. The only solution when I find myself in a black hole is to increase¬†the brightness of the screen and dig stairs (in an upwards diagonal direction) to climb out.

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  1. Another problem I ran into right from the start: playing on a Mac (without a mouse), you have to immediately change the default keys. Right click doesn’t work in the game.

  2. My brother also plays Minecraft on a Mac. He uses the “N” key for left click, and the “M” key for right clicking. This setup should work work for everyone, and it’s rather comfortable if you use your thumb on the track pad, index finger on the N key, and Middle finger in the M.