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How to embed an opt-in form in a Facebook post

Here’s a cool Facebook growth hack I just discovered. This trick allows you to embed a Flash SWF file with buttons and even a form inside it inside a Facebook post. From the little bit of research that I did, it looks like marketers have been doing this since early 2013. The ability to embed Flash has been around since 2011.

Form inside Facebook post

This screenshot is from a site selling the ability to create the posts. I haven’t verified that the site works, so I won’t link to it. I did find some form-enabled Facebook posts in the wild. To create one of these, you post a link to a page that has an open graph meta tags in it that point to the SWF file.

I think playing a video and capturing an email address right inside a Facebook post is a brilliant way to get leads. You could also do interesting things like a mini-game, survey, presentation, or prompt to re-share inline in the post.

Post a comment if you think this is interesting. If I get a lot of interest, I’ll dig further and show you exactly how to create your own.


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  1. Hi Adam. Great insight. Please can you share more how this Facebook embedded content is done pleeeeeaaassee.

    – Ed