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Working together with Git

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Here are the basics of how a team of two or more people can collaborate on a project using Git. I wrote this to help a co-worker learn Git. Please comment here on the original Git Gist for git collaboration if you’ve got any suggestions.

Create the change

$ git checkout -b my-feature

… modify code ….

$ git add <filename> 
$ git commit -m “my feature is this”

… or, if you’re lazy …

$ git commit -a -m "my feature is this"

… pulls in changes from master since we branched, then re-apply ours on top. Totally fine to merge here instead of rebase …

$ git pull
$ git rebase master  

… resolve conflicts (if any) and add them …

$ git add <filename>
$ git rebase --continue

… # push my branch back to the server

$ git push origin my-feature 

Other guy merges in the changes

$ git pull 

… list branches

$ git branch -a

… bring a branch local

$ git branch --track my-feature origin/my-feature
$ git checkout master
$ git merge my-feature

… resolve conflicts and look around …

$ git push

… delete branch (and remote branch) when done

$ git branch -d my-feature 
$ git push origin :my-feature 

Other useful commands

To remove remote branches from your list after they have been deleted by other people

$ git remote prune origin
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