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Ruby interview questions

There are two types, “phone screen” questions which gauge someone’s depth in a particular language. Then, white board questions where the language and syntax doesn’t matter (as much), just the candidate’s grasp of computer science.

 Phone screen questions

  1. What are ruby code blocks? (or what is the difference between functional and object oriented programming)
  2. What is a gem?
  3. What is garbage collection?
  4. Your web page is slow. How would you track down the bug, and how would you solve it?
  5. What is a pull request?
Whiteboard questions
Using pseudocode…
  1. Reverse a linked list
  2. Write a function to output a list of tables in order of their dependencies in a relational database. (Describe a process for synchronizing dependent data across two databases)
  3. Write a function to shuffle a deck of cards
  4. Sort a list of points in order by their distance from the origin

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