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Three tech trends

These are three fascinating tech trends that keep cropping up.

Distributed social networking
Look at it this way, after Google goggles, you’re going to want to have your “phone” embedded in your head. When you do that, you’re not going to want to sign in with Facebook when you wake up every morning. You’ll want your own personal-brain-station-wordpress, and a choice in where you store your life. Lots of failure here currently, but one will win. See also social web OS, identica, diaspora,

Habit change
Successful people are those that can do what they don’t want to do. Some smart people are figuring out how to hack their habits, and applying it to make software more addicting.

Update: I’m watching Everest and Lift for their progress, but I’m not super optimistic.

Dynamic social graph
Guess what, our relationships aren’t as simple as Facebook friend, LinkedIn connection, or Twitter follower. These early “boolean” social graphs are a poor approximation. I’m looking forward to seeing the nuances of my relationships digitized and gamified (I want progress bars in my Gmail contacts) so I can help people with exactly what they need, and grow my business relationships step-by step.

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  1. Interesting post. I just reached out to the Kairos team to see what they are building. I told them if what they are creating can help create great habits for my team, I’ll be buying everyone on my team a new iPhone.

    As for your comment on progress bars in Gmail contacts – if you measure that will it create stronger business relationships? Or is it better to not keep score on something like that?

  2. Peter – I think so. Just like with the Nike Fuelband, measuring something and displaying the results will inspire a change of behavior. I think in this case it will reward staying in touch.