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  1. Twitter is fast becoming a great way to create income to your business. I know of a few people who have exploded their writing business through twitter. The key is to not be to over promotional when you are just starting out. Spend some time actually getting to know the people who are on your “follow” list and those that are “following you”. It will be well worth it to jump into this before it gets saturated like everything else.

  2. I don’t get this “Twitter” stuff. I looked around a bit, but I can’t understand why anyone would be interested in finding out when the other guy goes to the bathroom, and when he drinks his coffee. Plus, I can’t understand why can some people be so obsessed with the internet as to waste so much of their time posting “tweets” every time they scratch their noses. I don’t know, maybe I would understand if the guys and gals being “followed” were international celebrities.

  3. Thats a great little video. To be honest this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Twitter. I think its a great idea and I can see why people would want to sign up to it. I will definitely be watching how Twitter grows.

  4. Thanks Adam for the nice video of Twitter…

    Twitter is really very nice social application for micro blogging. I am getting such a good traffic from Twitter….

    Also you can develop your good business network on Twitter…

  5. Thank You Adam! There is some great information here – especially for people who need convincing about the power of Twitter (like me!). I must have *my* Twitter account. :)

  6. At first I thought Twitter was the lamest idea ever, but now I can see how useful it can be not only to keep friends updated but for marketing as well. So if you have an idea that may seem lame, you never know how big it can get.

  7. Personally i don’t really get the entertainment of twitter. Essentially you log in to see what other people are doing in their life. Maybe im in the minority, but seeing that johny B is making a Pb and J sandwhich give me no entertainment.

    From a professional standpoint, its a great application to spread the word about products or information about a service. You get only a couple of lines of text so if its a service your not interested in, its easy to surpase. If you are interested, you get to follow a link for more info.

  8. I am still the same as your Seattle investor in that I still haven’t got on board because, I just couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about. What could really affect people’s lives that much? I just watched the video and at least now I fully understand what Twitter is. However, I am really convinced that it’s great if your bored, just don’t still it as a business tool. Or am I missing a trick here?


  9. Thank You Adam for the post. I learned more about twitter and now have an account in it. I find it a simple site but it also can be very useful.

    Regards !!!

  10. It would be interesting to see a post with the reasons why someone should use Twitter, beginning with the fun factor and continuing with the ways of making money with Twitter.

  11. I know the how to use twitter and how to promote a website through twitter. But can anybody tell me is there any useful twitter tool???


  12. Twitter is micro-blogging. It is social messaging. It is an event coordinator, a business tool, a news reporting service and a marketing utility.

  13. Overall I think Twitter is a waste of time – the majority of users abuse it with their spam or too many people use it tell others about such trivial things.

  14. Twitter has grown to 60 million? I know it’s a nice way to keep up with one another, but facebook seems like the more logical alternative. Although FB is getting frustrating with all the dang apps!