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Regarding using tags to share information outside of a corporation.

“anyone can use the aarf tag and associate it with a bookmark. This potentially lets us get information from a larger audience. Which may turn out to be a bigger spam issue more than anything else.

The Seattle Times: Tech Tracks

Check out this cool project to translate a mysterious Chinese book:

“The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook.” This quote is the opening for the small book described below. In December of 2005 this autograph book was found at a used knicknack store in Hong Kong’s central district and purchased for 380 Hong Kong dollars. The identity of the book’s original owner is a mystery. The stories the book reveals are hidden in plain sight.

Words of a Man’s Mouth

Great community building tips from Judy’s book founder:

I have a friend who is starting a UGC / social network site in the health space and he asked me to send him an email with my lessons learned from Judy’s Book. I’ll post it here for you all to read and comment on. Keith, Here’s my advice… 1) Focus, focus, focus Focus the network on a specific category. Health is way too broad. At Judy’s Book, I wish we had just focused on restaurants. And for that matter, we should have started with Seattle restaurants. Restaurants as a category are the area where there is the intersection of consumer passion, review writing, and daily activity.

A Sack of Seattle: Tip 1 for creating a user generated content site

This is an important distinction, nicely summarized:

Search is finding. Personalization is discovering.

Geeking with Greg: The value of recommendation engines

Shelfari? Another Seattle book-centric Web Site, really?

“The Amazon affiliate revenue is not going to float you. No way,” said Spalding, whose company derives a tiny amount of revenue from its partnership with Amazon. He declined to say how much, but noted that “it is tens of dollars a day, not hundreds of thousands.”

Shelfari an online meeting place for bibliophiles

Beta launch tips from Mr. Arrington:

In addition to my personal experiences with companies, I recently wrote “What Annoys You Most About Betas?” on Crunchnotes to help me prepare for this post. The comments to that post give a lot of direct feedback from early adopters and much of that information is reflected here as well.

Don’t Blow Your Beta

Knuttz games Digg, possiby by creating a “content funnel”. Simple but smart:

The critical missing detail: I cannot explain why Knuttz suddenly got the “formula” right on January 1, 2007. If someone can show me that it is on that date that they implemented their “traffic funnel”, then that is all the proof needed that it’s indeed a killer strategy.

Why are diggers nuts about Knuttz? » Alister Cameron, Blog Consultant

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