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Friday Clips

Amazingly, this week I met the General Manager of this Beijing based startup one day after discovering the site:

Mojiti lets you annotate any moment in any online video. Dive into the experience and tell everyone what you really think.


Another Berkunism:

Hypothesis: if ever a VP of something is created, say a VP of quality or a VP of sarcasm, it means one thing: 1. The company is failing at that activity. 2. The company will continue to fail at that activity until that VP is no longer needed.

Google Reader (100+)

Lookmarks was cited as a “Plain site with no zest” (ouch!):

That’s what Web 2.0 really means, it means that applications, design, and companies are disposable, flash-in-the-pan creations with no individual redeeming values. A dozen social networks, a hundred bookmarking sites, a thousand Office-replacement web apps, all with designs that look like this, this, this, or this. Plain sites with no zest, no visual direction, no classic layouts or typography, nothing to separate them from all their competitors.

Web 2.0 Design Is Disposable Design — Business Logs

Santa, do you read my blog?

InFocus BigPlay IN76 projector $599 Here’s the thing about high-definition—it’s so sharp that a 42-inch plasma just can’t do it justice. I got my hands on the InFocus IN76 BigPlay projectors early this year and, let me tell you, it has blown away every other home theater solution I’ve tried. Even though it’s just 720p, HBO HD blown up 12 feet across on my white wall with no screen or Screen Goo looked better than any plasma, projector, or basically anything I’ve ever watched Entourage on. Plus, the saturation is great—I used it instead of a regular TV even at high noon. With a decent price and very decent design, it may be the most consumer-friendly projector out there. -SP

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