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Limited supply of new TrafficGauge gadget

A friend of mine is co-founder of a Seattle Startup that sells a cool gadget called the “TrafficGauge.”

I got a TrafficGauge a couple years back for my dad for father’s day. we love the fact that it is a device dedicated to traffic stats. You don’t have to mess with your phone, check the news, or fire up your computer – just turn on the TrafficGauge and get a quick read-out on current traffic

They are coming out with a new version for Seattle December 21st (they also service LA and San Francisco). The base price is $79.95, with a monthly subscription thereafter. I think this is a little expensive, and the price has gone up since I bought one. However, if you’ve got a family member who suffers a long commute every day – this could make a good gift.

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