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Friday Clips

BBC feed integrated into

But this is something I had not seen: UK hacking god Matt Biddulph apparently stuck a Radio 6 feed into the, so if you want to see what the station has played, then go here.

James Governor’s MonkChips: How cool is that. Last.FM tracks automated radio playlist

Nice Quote:

Innovation is the process of creative destruction. Improved products destroy the failed products. Innovation is a churning cauldron of life and death.

Google Reader (100+)


The Web, they say, is leaving the era of search and entering one of discovery. What’s the difference? Search is what you do when you’re looking for something. Discovery is when something wonderful that you didn’t know existed, or didn’t know how to ask for, finds you.

Google Reader (100+)

The above in the context of shopping:

 In fact, that’s where Levchin thinks the first real opportunity lies – hooking up users with like-minded people. “I started out with this idea of finding shoes for my girlfriend and hotties on HotorNot for me,” Levchin says with a wry smile. “It’s easy to shift from recommending shoes to humans.”

Personal recommendation software predicts consumer choice – November 27, 2006

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