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Don’t Preload that iPod

It seems like preloading iPods with legal music could be a fun eBay business. You can buy the complete works of Mozart on Amazon for $135. If you could find a cheap iPod supplier, you could rip the box set once, and then sell preloaded iPods along with unopened boxed sets. Something tells me nobody would be willing to pay the extra $135 for the music, though. Somebody tried this with video and got into trouble:

“The MPAA has launched yet another ‘defensive attack,’ this time on a small business that is pre-loading movie DVDs onto iPods and reselling them. The original DVDs of the movies that are loaded are also given to the customer. The MPAA is claiming that the service Load ‘N Go Video offers is completely illegal because ripping a DVD is against the DMCA. The MPAA is also suing the company for copyright violation.”

– via Slashdot

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