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Last.FM – purchase my favorite tracks

OK, here’s another one. Why doesn’t Last.FM link to any online stores? Presumably because they are based in London, and have many international users. It would be really easy to create a “buy my favorite tracks for this month” feature.

I am thinking of taking my Last.FM recent favorites feed and mashing it up with the Rhapsody API. I would actually use this to purchase a CD of my favorite music every couple of months. I used to use Napster to do this, but Napster isn’t providing me with worthwhile recommendations.

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  1. I suggest trying out our product, Goombah. It’s a music recommendation service that works with iTunes. It makes recommendations based on analyzing your iTunes music collection. A double-click takes you right to iTunes to buy.

    Also, it recommends free mp3’s to you based on your tastes, and adds new ones every week, which you can download with a click.