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Flash Tips

I dropped in on the Seattle Flash Meetup tonight. It was hosted in Pluggd‘s office.

I asked the group for tips for Flash newbies. Here is what AdrianK and Byron Canfield

1. Get to know the sequence of events and their asynchronous nature. Don’t approach action script with a procedural mindset, think asynchronously.

2. Whatch out for a maximum stack depth of 256 method calls. Avoid recursive methods.

3. Use hungarian notation for variable naming to avoid make the lack of strong typing more palatable.

4. Don’t worry too much about the number of movie clips or memory leaks, but do try and re-use stage objects when possible.

5. If you want a richer SDE, use PrimalScript, Eclipse, or Sepy.

6. Spread frame labels, code, and comments over multiple layers for better readability.

7. Set up a button for skipping between sections of your movie.

8 For more samples, see also Byron’s flash examples.

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  1. Adam! Thanks for capturing all the best tidbits from last night’s meeting. This is unbelievably helpful – I was so wrapped up just listening.

    Thanks again!