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Cambrian House

I spotted these guys via an ad on TechCrunch:

We all have great ideas. What we lack is a vehicle to realize them. That’s why we created Cambrian House.We can help you build your Web-based and desktop product ideas that can be sold over the Internet.

Each project starts with 1500 Royalty Points. Up to 150 points are allotted to the inventor of the idea, and the remaining points are allocated to development tasks for the product. These tasks will be given different point values depending on their complexity. Inventors are welcome to contribute work on the product themselves, increasing their share of Royalty Points. – Cambrian House

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  1. Hiya Orangutang,

    Thx for the post and joing the Cambrian House community.

    Nice Flickr pics. I had no idea R2-D2 was in Istanbul 😉

    Best of luck in the idea warz.