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Deep Thoughts from Dave Winer

In celebration of the launch of Share your OPML, here are some gems from Dave Winer at last week’s Seattle Mind Camp:

  • All communities grind to a halt eventually
    • Blogging doesn’t come to a halt
  • You can’t get users to do anything – it’s pointless
    • You have to become a user and do it
  • RSS will never achieve 100% adoption
    • unless we make it not about subscribing

That last point makes me think immediately of Lookmarks, and a couple of my loyal users who don’t use RSS feeds. Lookmarks should recommend posts from feeds based on your bookmarks.

I haven’t added any major features to Lookmarks in about a year. I have been watching from the sidelines as others implemented open search, recommending aggregators, and social search engines. I would like to build all of this into Lookmarks, but I want to get the mix just right.

Back to OPML, did you know that the structure of OPML allows you to delegate sections of your taxonomy to other OPML files (maintained by other people?)

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