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Blog Carnivals

I have been blogging since 2003, but I hadn’t discovered the concept of a “Blog Carnival” until this evening.

Carnivals are a technique for showcasing your blog. Most carnivals occur once a week. People who want to participate in the carnival send links to the carnival host, and he or she formats them all into a blog article. The organizer of the carnival tells people where it will be, and they all flock to the host’s page and follow the links to the articles submitted. The host gets a big traffic spike and the participants get smaller spikes. Sometimes, the host or the participants find themselves added to a visitor’s blogroll. Most carnivals are organized around a topic. – ConservativeCat

I discovered blog carnivals in a post by Steve Pavlina on how to build traffic to your blog (and ultimately earn more money). Of course, I immediately envisioned a Web site to co-ordinate the carnivals, but it looks like these guys have it covered.

So – should Lookmarks hold a “great links” carnival? Or, HelpShare host an “Experts making money” carnival?

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