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Decompressing from Seattle MindCamp 2.0

I am going to convert these raw notes into Lookmarks and a better blog post later. For now, I just want to get my notes online.

1. LinkMapping – SEO technique

2. Mint – Good blog stats

3. Web Measurement Hacks – Good book recommended by Larry Sivitz of SearchWrite

4. Your credit/debit card history – as recorded by your bank, quicken, or MS Money would be an excellent source of restaurant recommendation data.

5. BillMonk – young guys here on Capital Hill building a successful site using Ruby and a datacenter in their closet. My takeaway: they are solving the marketing problem by treating their users right.

5a. I’ve travelled to several Islamic countries, but I didn’t realize that philosophically, muslims are opposed to charging or paying interest.

6. Alexander Castro, the founder of Pluggd slammed angel investor groups such as the Alliance of Angels, and the Zeno society for giving entrepeneurs the run around, and not coming through with investment money.

7. After talking to a one-time competitor of ours from back in 2000, I realized that questions are a commodity much like search queries. This is food for thought as I design a question collector for HelpShare.

8. Sounds like the book the “Tipping Point” may be interesting. From what I overheard, I may be a “Maven”.

9. When asked “When you are shopping for a new gadget, how do you select the best one?” one guy answered – “I just choose a site with a good return policy, use my credit card and buy all the gadgets that I am considering. I return all but the best one.”

10. What if email (or a universal editor) was your interface to the web, and Web appications collected data from your central store, rather than the other way round? See also

11. A health specific search engine – Healia is launching soon.

More later.

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