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Alexa Web Search API announced

The Alexa Web Search Platform “provides public access to the vast web crawl collected by Alexa Internet. Users can search and process billions of documents — even create their own search engines — using Alexa’s search and publication tools. Alexa provides compute and storage resources that allow users to quickly process and store large amounts of web data. Users can view the results of their processes interactively, transfer the results to their home machine, or publish them as a new web service.”

The Alexa Web Information Service is an existing service that “offers a platform for creating innovative web solutions and services based on Alexa’s vast repository of information about the web. Developers, researchers, web site owners, and merchants can get information about Web sites, such as traffic data, contact info and related links, as well as an xml-based search engine and browse service, and incorporate them directly into their own Web sites or services.”

I would like to incorporate both of these into Lookmarks. 1. So I can show more results when you search on something for which there are no bookmarks and 2. So Lookmarks can provide additional information on existing bookmarks (such as search rank, and whether the link is still active or not).

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