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The Web is San Francisco circa 2001

But the world isn’t San Francisco:

Interconnected: “The Web’s been coasting since 2001. It consists of that which started in SF and happened to adapt to the larger ecosystem, and that’s it. But since 2001, there are millions and millions more people online–and they’re pretty much uncatered for. They have no native services.

Where are the applications for people who live in tight communities of a thousand people and strong local government? Where are the corner-stores offering convenience and personality coupled with the economies of scale and selection of the whole web? Where’s the LiveJournal for people who don’t like linear narrative, the RSS for people who don’t have information OCD, the freedom of expression we have in weblogs but without the implicit anonymity, where you know your readers already know your face? Where are the networked market-places, the software for close and dispersed families, and the hundred cheap web-apps for doing soho accounts in a small town?”

I’ve got the community bookmarks for those who can’t comprehend

I’d love to build the neighborhood wiki for people who’d look at you funny if you said the word “wiki”.

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