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Facebook is bringing the office to VR with Horizon Workrooms. Nice video clip of Zuckerberg holding a normal meeting in VR.

Step aside, dogs. In the future, blind people are going to use drones as well:

…You know what’s cooler than an organic dog? A mechanical flying drone!…
Some researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have combined semantic segmentation computer vision techniques with a flying drone to create what they call a ‘flying guide dog;’ – a machine meant to help Blind and Visually Impaired People (BVIP) safely navigate around a city. “Based on its perception of the environment, the drone adjusts itself and leads the user to walk safely,” they write. “To follow the drone, the user holds a string attached to the drone.”Read moreFlying Guide Dog: Walkable Path Discovery for the Visually Impaired Utilizing Drones and Transformer-based Semantic Segmentation (arXiv).

People (maybe businesses?) really want to track their packages. Why is that, is this app a scam, or is it because businesses are receiving so they have a hard time tracking them?

The Fast, Lazy Way to Clean Your Teeth? ‘Whole Mouth’ Toothbrushes
Unnervingly futuristic, these bulky, high-tech toothbrushes promise to scrub your choppers thoroughly in 20 seconds.

MMM, square food. Squareat makes these by blitzing ingredients and compressing them into “ready-to-eat” 50-gram packages (squares). You can buy your squares in packs of four or six and have them delivered to your house. They can be eaten hot or cold, heated in a microwave or a frying pan, and come in a dazzling array of flavors including chicken, beef, asparagus, peanut, seabass, and salmon.

This 12-year-old coder is set to earn over $400,000 after about 2 months of selling NFTs

Pet food brand launches lab-grown mouse treats for catsThe snacks are made with meat grown from mouse cells which are non-invasively collected from mice.

This profitable small company does  Digital Pet Portraits (with the help of hired artists). This Shopify eCommerce business sells personal pet portraits on demand with a 100% automated fulfillment system.

The business has reached more than $2M in revenue in under a year and makes a monthly net profit of $35,697 with gross monthly revenue of $196,636. They have an Average Order Value of $43 and an email database of 15k contacts. The site receives 105k page views and has an Authority Score of 32 with 28% of traffic coming from social channels. The brand has 14k Facebook followers and 13k Instagram followers. The business pays $10 to the artists and sells the digital drawings for between $60-$200, based on the number of subjects.

Data bit:  Fast-improving technology is creating enormous economic opportunities upon which investors are latching. Median Series C valuations for startups have recently leapt to $1bn up from $89m just five years ago.

Here’s another fun small digital business idea. is an eCommerce business allowing users to create personally branded virtual office backgrounds for business meetings. The business makes a gross monthly revenue of $12,294 with a monthly net profit of $5,654. 60% of revenue comes from single-user licenses and 40% from commercial licenses. The site receives 49.9k page views per month with an Authority Score of 42 and 41% of traffic comes from Organic Search. They have an email database of 50k contacts.

Fractional (group) NFT buying is now a thing…

It is early days for the web3. It may feel differently if you’re out of the loop, but new ideas, interfaces, protocols, tools, improvements, standards are being proposed, shipped and adopted on a daily basis. So what can build upon PartyBid? What can build upon fractionalized ownership of music NFTs?

Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It’s About the End of Capitalism

Since Acquired’s podcast with Solana came out 6 weeks ago, Solana’s coin has 4x’ed in price. Coincidence?

Fun stuff

Video: Harp played through a distortion (and other) pedals

Photos: A wide variety of beautifully colorful sea slugs that match David Bowe outfits.

Photos: Stunning mid-air dog photographs

Videos: Beautiful cities and scenery using the “tilt-shift” effect to make the world appear in miniature.