The Long Tail is a Lonely Place

Statistical meaning of The Long Tail

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This is interesting, and certainly makes sense in the Facebook application world. Seems to me the Long Tail is already a prevalent concept in music though.

Prof. Elberse describes research showing that even in our cultural consumption we tend to be intensely social folks. We like experiencing the same things that other people are experiencing — and the mere fact that other people are experiencing and liking something makes us like it even more. Far from being cultural rugged individualists, most of us are only too happy to have others suggest to us what we’d like.

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Earlier this week I read about Zembly, a Sun “social” development project. One of the critiques against Zembly, is that it targets obscure app developers. I don’t see that as a problem for a development tool. Outfitters want to sell as many pick-axes as possible to gold searchers as possible?

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