Hot links

Here are a few products and pages I’ve been snorkeling on the last few weeks.

Social Media Marketing Class – I like Dan Martell and have a similar passion for guerrilla marketing hacks.

Time Crunched Cyclist – I’m building spreadsheets and ripping out pages to make sure I follow the training plan this year.

Warby Parker Glasses – Got two pairs and love them.

BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits – Established 3 new habits in one week. Saying good morning, flossing my teeth, and staying on top of my todos.

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012) – Rand Fishkin is the SEO authority. Stay up to date with what he says to do.

AdSense Flippers Archive OK, this is one I haven’t delved into yet, but I listen closely to the recomendations of the Lifestyle business podcast dudes.

Outbrain – I’m experimenting with it on this blog, will let you know the results.

Sean Malarkey interview. Here he reveals the tools he used in a recent $500K launch. Awesome of him to share the guts of his operation.

Nike+ Fuelband – Quantified self goes mainstream.