Google Friend Connect = OpenSocial Everywhere

Sign at the Googleplex

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The race between OpenSocial and the Facebook Platform is hard to call. Facebook has better technology, and a growing user base – but OpenSocial has the support of MySpace and LinkedIn.

A few weeks back, Google announced Friend Connect, and I don’t think it got the coverage it deserved. Maybe I was just on vacation. I think Friend Connect more than anything else gives OpenSocial a leg up. Friend Connect will let you turn any Web site into an OpenSocial Web site by adding some javascript. Facebook’s relase of fbOpen serves the same purpose, but will never be adopted as widely.

I was a big fan of MyBlogLog (the idea and virality at least, if not the implementation). I think Friend Connect is going to be what puts OpenSocial over the top. As if Google hadn’t taken over my life enough already.

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