A Startup a Week – Day 5

With less than eight hours to go, the team comes together one last time for the conclusion to Episode One of “A Startup A Week”. The concept of the show is to bring together top developers and designers, pitch them an idea for a startup, and give them just one week to take the idea from concept to reality.Today the team prepares for the final presentation to the head of the Seattle chapter of the non-profit Room to Read. Our team is building out a Facebook application that can use the viral power of the social graph to raise money for a computer lab in Cambodia.If you’re watching this video right now, chances are that you had access to a computer when you were a child – or your children have access today. In just five minutes, you can help be a part of a community that will share that gift with real children living in Cambodia right now.Here’s how:Click here to view the applicationDedicate a five dollar brick to a friend or loved oneShare the app with five of your friendsThe person at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the project will get to dedicate the school, and everyone who donates will receive updates on the progress of the lab.