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Over-simplifying customer driven development

Look what I found in my mailbox: The Startup O...

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I was looking through my colleague’s notes on Steve Blank’s The Startup Owner’s Manual. A couple thoughts came to mind.

1.It’s hard for me not to over-simplify all the Steve Blank stuff into simply “are customers dying for your product?” It seems like that is 80% of the ball game.

2. I realize that it’s not just about the problem or solution, but the combination of both. However, it seems that regardless of the solution, the problem has to be super painful. A need, not a want.

3.Implicit in customer driven development is that it is somehow the path less traveled. It seems to be guarding against human nature to be overly optimistic. Or, there are lots of possible points of misinterpretation of a market – and they key is to keep questioning until the market is really “slapping back at you.”

Update: Since I wrote this, Y-Combinator has become more famous for the phrase “Build something people want.”

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