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Quick hack to get more Twitter Followers

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. I recently imported my email list into Twitter and followed everyone. I’ve got a couple mailing list sign up forms on my blog and various projects, collecting connections and customers. I wasn’t thinking of them as “contacts.” Here is how you can quickly find and follow them on Twitter (expect 20-30% to follow you back).

1. Export your email list from your email marketing provider (mine’s MailChimp) to a CSV file.

2. Import them into Google contacts (setup a new Google account if you want to keep them separate from your actual contacts).

3. Go to Twitter. Select “find friends,” and use the import from Gmail contacts option.

Twitter _ Find Friends

4. After Twitter finds them, follow everybody.

Voila, I followed about 700 people, and the reciprocal follows have been trickling in for a couple weeks now!

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  1. This could really help me a lot. I have a twitter account for my website but the followers still few and I don’t have much idea on how to get many followers who is really interested on my products.