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Resolutions that stick

Here are my notes (including a HaikuDeck) from a nice video by Tony Robbins about making your resolutions stick.


  1. Craft a vision that pulls you (not pushes you) (It has to be something you want)
  2. Back it up with reasons to pull you through. They don’t have to be logical reasons, for example: photos of loved ones make good motivations to stay on track.
  3. Burn the boats – don’t set a goal, make a resolution.
  4. Review it and feel it every day
  5. Focus on progress, not change
  6. Great ideas don’t interrupt you, you have to pursue them.
  7. We live who we believe we are
  8. Raise your standards. We get what we must have.
  9. Don’t compete with others. Compete with what you’re capable of.
  10. Discipline weights ounces – regret weighs tons.
  11. What do you want? What rituals will get you there?

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