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Greatest Hits

I’ve been blogging for about 8 years, and I’m approaching 500 posts on this blog. The more I write, the more people visit (primarily via Google). I’ve had over 150,000 visits. I thought I would take take a few minutes to recap my 10 all time greatest hits.

  1. Watching hulu on TV – July 2008
  2. How to export Facebook page fans September 2009
  3. Four Hour Body Cheat Sheet – December 2010
  4. How to watch Hulu on TV – October 2008
  5. CSS link color sample code – February 2009
  6. 84 Quotes from the Four Hour Work Week – January 2010
  7. Watching YouTube and hulu on your TV – January 2008
  8. Ruby boolean operator – July 2008
  9. Gamification is not game design – March 2011
  10. Quotes from Seth Godin’s “Tribes” – January 2009

While I write this blog primarily for my own benefit, I love to see what resonates with people. Many of these blog posts have already lead to bigger projects. I love the way visitors tell me what to write next. Thank you for visiting!

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