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Watching Hulu on TV (how to watch internet video on your TV)

This is a follow up post to my earlier post about watching internet video (Hulu and YouTube) on a TV. Since I still haven’t found a set top box that I can recommend, I thought it would be helpful to describe how to hook your PC or laptop up to your television.

  • If you have an older PC or laptop, and an older TV, most likely what you need is an S-video cable.
  • If you have a newer PC or laptop and an older TV, DVI to S-video is more likely what you need.
  • Lastly, if you have a new PC or laptop, and a new TV (like a flat screen LCD TV) – you probably need a DVI to HDMI cable.

Hooking up your PC to your TV can be a pain. Here is another article I found about internet set top boxes. One that looks promising that I didn’t mention before is the “vunow“. The vunow claims to offer NBC content, but I couldn’t figure out where to actually buy it – so it may not be released yet.

It seems like someone just needs to get this hardware done so we can make cable and broadcast TV obsolete.

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  1. Thanks for your help.

    We’ll give your suggestion a try. We bought a new computer last night and one of the things we wanted to be able to do with it is the HULU hook up to our TV.

    Thanks again – Happy Easter

  2. That is very cool. I never even thought of hooking up my computer to my TV to watch Hulu. I’m usually stuck in my uncomfortable chair at my desk. Thanks!

  3. my pc and flatscreen are fairly new. but i do not have dmi on my pc. i do have s video on both, but what do I do for sound? I already have an s video cable. If later down the line I like it so much, would I just buy a new video card with dmi? Once again I would think there would be video but no sound? please help. thanks

  4. Why did you delete my last post? I have a newer computer but no DVI. Would upgrading my video card give me DVI output, or is it part of the motherboard? Without upgrading I am able to watch video on my flatscreen, but there is no sound. I am currently using s-video, how would I get sound. Thank you, and great page.

  5. I just bought an LG flatscreen and blue ray wifi. My television has netflix, youtube and hulu plus. I have been reading hulu plus and it is not quiet up and running yet. Can I sign up for hulu and it will recieve on my tv just like netflix? Thanks Ester

  6. I have a netbook and would like to know if there is a way to hook the netbook to the dvd player to the tv,in order to watch my favarite tv showes. The tv is cable ready, or do I special equipment.
    Thank you
    Terry Gladden

    ment ThankYou

  7. Hi, I have a fairly new tv a Sony HD( both are about 2 years old. and a fairly new tower a dell. I would like to watch tv using the internet. We also have a WII and Netflix Please what wire am I going to need for the tv to the tower? DVI to HDMI cable. Is this the correct one please. Then all I would need is a key board connected to the tower to control the tv. What about Google TV it looks like it would not be so confusing for a 77 year old, she is my aunt and NOT computer anything. HELP Thanks,