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Facebook App Ideas and

BirdMy favorite daydream app idea lately has been one called “statements” or “beliefs”. Basically, you could use the app to make statements (like “I like chocolate”) that other people would either agree or disagree with. The only way I can think to make it viral is to have a leader board for the statements that recruit the most members. Also, you could divide your friends up (or be required to divide your friends up) as supporters or opposers to your statement before you are able to publish it. This was inspired by watching how Facebook users use groups to organize around a concept.

There was a Web site I liked along these lines called, which now appears to be defunct. Also, 43things and are good reference points.

UPDATE: see also iThink.

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  1. I think I’ve convinced myself to tie this together with the friend status idea from last week. This would be “super status” (although there are already four apps with that name) where friends could pile on your past, present, or future (“I want to…”) status.