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How this blog works

red currentThis weekend I finally overhauled this blog. I wanted it to update more frequently with everything I’m doing on the Web. Here is how it works:

1. I subscribe to all my RSS feeds in Google Reader and tag them “adamloving“. I use Google Notebook for technical notes because it is nicely integrated with Google Bookmarks which are easy to create from Google search results. I also pipe in my Facebook feeds – which captures my status updates and other pages I’m sharing.

2. I host my own WordPress installation at Joyent. I installed the FeedWordpress plug in and use it to pull down and re-publish the aggregate Google Reader feed.

The great thing about this system is that I’m capturing all the content I’m creating all over the Web in my own database.

Oh, and I used the WP Decoratr plugin to find the cool image, and Zemanta to help auto-link.

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