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Facebook Currency – What would you do for a Zuckerbuck?

We are learning a lot from the Zuckerbucks experiment, even though it is still early days. It is amazing how much community activity Zuckerbucks have inspired. To keep it interesting, we are constantly trying to provide both more ways to earn Zucks and more ways to spend them.

Our members are going crazy for Zuckerbucks. One woman will dance for them. Others have started groups where you have to pay to join (pay more to become an officer). Still others have started “lottos” where you enter to win Zuckerbucks. And of course, there are at least 3 service providers who will create original art for Zuckerbucks. One girl wants Zuckerbucks to touch up your profile picture!

When I invented Zuckerbucks, I thought it would be cool to have a currency for Facebook. I had no idea what the Facebookers would come up with!

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  1. Oh, and if you’re counting – it has been 12 days since my previous post, and there are now 3521 people with Zbucks accounts.