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Apollo Sounds Promising

I have heard from 3 different sources now about the promise of the Adobe Apollo platform.

So as entrepreneurs and developers, you need to be aware of the potential impact of Apollo. The desktop will see the same creative infusion that the web once did, but with more features and with the web’s most ubiquitous display formats (HTML, Flash and PDF). Early adopters to the platform have the potential to reap a bonanza and bring about the gold-rush like mentality that swept the web.

Adobe’s Apollo Provides New Ground For Entrepreneurs

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  1. Apollo reminds me very much of Microsoft’s HTA technology (, except that Apollo is cross-platform.

    I thought HTAs were a great idea and even developed a few corporate applications based on the technology. (It helped that I was part of the IE dev team when the technology was developed.) However, the concept never seemed to take off and I think Microsoft has pretty much abandoned it.