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Podcast Remix

Here is an idea that I would love to build, but never makes it to #1 on my list.

The problem with podcasts is that they often lack playlists. There are usually only a few highlights (good songs or insights) in any given podcast. Listeners waste their time hunting through the podcast for the good part. Additionally there is tons of free content approved for podcast that as a consumer I’d like to “cut out” and save as separate files. Also, when I’m listening to a podcast, I’d like to pick out my favorite parts and send them to a friend.

PodcastRemix is WebJay for Podcast clips. The site would allow you to annotate podcasts (create clips by attaching text notes and ratings to sections of any given podcast) and create new podcasts out of your favorite clips. It would also allow you to address any clip by URL so you could send it to a friend. As a bonus, you could record a response or introduce different clips. Of course, you could also have digg-style best clip podcast – playing the best podcast excerpts.

This sounds great to me. The only reason I keep shooting it down is because the whole point of podcasts is to allow you to listen while you are offline. 95% of podcast listening probably occurs offline after the content is downloaded via iTunes.

The counter argument to this is bolstered by the fact that Yahoo acquired WebJay. Even though it is damn hard to find (good = illegal) content to create a popular WebJay playlist, only 5% of the users need to find the content and create the playlist. The other 95% are just listening, and will swarm the editorial function perfomed by the 5%.

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  1. A “request a transcript” feature (or auto-transcript, or auto-slice) implemented using mechanical turk might be a good way to gain traction (organic search results).