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Buying Bookmarks

Jason Calacanis will hire active users on Digg and Delicious to seed Netscape’s community news site with content:

I have an offer to the top 50 users on any of the major social news/bookmarking sites: We will pay you $1,000 a month for your “social bookmarking” rights. Put in at least 150 stories a month and we’ll give you $12,000 a year. (note: most of these folks put in 250-400 stories a month, so that 150 baseline is just that–a baseline). – (via Paul Colligan)

This is significant because it reinforces that contributors deserve a reward for their work. I read somewhere that Google has search pruning experts – paid staff to review the quality of Google’s search results. Makes sense to me. Of course, if you can’t make the cut for Calacanis’ top 50, why not become a HelpShare affiliate, and start answering questions for visitors to your site!

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