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More Gnomedex Acquaintances

  • Brian Sullivan is a compelling character who is thinking about social change in the right way. He is building a tool called CivicEvolution to empower groups of real people and create change from the bottom up.
  • Michael Kaltschnee of HackingNetflix has some great stories from a long successful career in the software (and plain ol’ clip-art) business. I got to sit in on him giving the next guy in this list some life lessons.
  • Blake Ross, altruistic lead developer for the Firefox Web browser (which I highly recommend and am using as I write this) first used the internet when he was 7. Unlike some of us old fogies who didn’t see it until they were 18.
  • Matt Mullenweg, another open source wiz kid – creator of WordPress (which I have installed and used) saw one of our music kiosks in accidental admin mode in Austin.
  • I finally got a chance to talk to Robert Scoble. It seems that guy is always surrounded with fans. Rightly so, I love his blog. I asked him if his house had sold (it hadn’t yet), and talked about podcasting on the bus.

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