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Gnomedex Acquaintances

Here is a sampling of the interesting people I met at this past weekend’s Gnomedex.

  • Aidan Henry: SEO expert and marketing specialist for PiXPO
  • Myk O’Leary: works for Seattle based
  • Stuart Maxwell: actor turned podcaster
  • Michael Buckbee: SecondLife consultant. Any ideas on how we can create a presence for HelpShare into second life?
  • Gerelee Goltsev and Hobie Swan from mind-mapping software company MindJet. Thanks for taking notes Gerelee!
  • Christopher Tse, a developer working on file sharing software
  • Ricardo Rabago: a local podcaster focused on organic lifestyles
  • Ashish Kumar and Gaurav Bhatnagar from, developers of Marc Canter’s PeopleAggregator. They traveled from Delhi for the event
  • Todd Blanchard– This Amazon developer, who I had met previously arrived on his own sail boat from Bainbridge
  • Chris Heuer of BrainJams sponsors events where experts are available for 15 minute paid sessions. The profits are donated to charity. This sounded like a real world HelpShare meetup.
  • Phillip Pearson Broadband Mechanics was visiting all the way from New Zealand. Hopefully we can keep in touch about the question and answer micro format I want to develop.
  • Kip Kniskern, a Windows Live blogger that attended my high school (albeit a bit earlier).
  • Brian Fioca – Sold his ajax resume posting Web site to Jobster, and moved to Seattle from Anchorage

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  1. Hey Adam,

    It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Good times for sure. Keep in touch and let me know about any upcoming projects… Remember the night we…

    Hey, be sure to check out our ridiculous “Idiot Room” PiXPO vlog at .