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I finally played XBOX 360 tonight

Oh yeah, and T.A. and I were guests on the The Chris Pirillo Show. It was Webcast live earlier this evening, and should be available for download via the site and as a podcast from iTunes in the next week or so. We talked about how HelpShare is a smarter way to get answers. Specifically, I put out a call for feedback on the HelpShare API.

It was also fun to see Pirillo world Headquarters including:

* A shockingly complete set of darth vader action figures.
* Some very high fiber o’s
* A stack of tantalizingly unopened XBOX 360s.

What do you think?

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  1. Mr Loving, Sorry about the method of contact lost your email address. Any ways I am on a free to Seattle for a sharepoint conference in May and was after a free tour guide for me and my collegue. If your free drop me a mail to my CIBER email address.

    Robin Pemberton