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Seattle Tech Companies

Chris Pirillo compiled a great list of list of Seattle tech companies last week. I’d like to extend this list and add to it as I (or anyone) discovers more companies. So, I have started filing the links on Lookmarks using the tag “Seattle Tech Company”.

Here are the most recent additions from my extended list:

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Here is how I created the list you see in this blog post:

1. Import Links from Chris’s Post using the Lookmarks bulk import tool.

a. Tag and save links with “seattle tech company”

2. Do a Lookmarks search for “seattle tech company”

3. Visit each link to fill in the description field

a. Open link in a new tab
b. Select some descriptive text
c. Cut the text to the clipboard
d. Go back to Lookmarks
e. Click the pencil icon to edit the link details
f. Paste the description text
g. Click save.

3. Click “Sort by date” so the most recent links are at the top of the list.

4. Click [JS] button (upper right corner of page) to generate javascript that can be inserted in a blog post.

Adding companies to the list is as simple as Lookmarking them using the Lookmarks bookmarklet.

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