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Sponsor this blog post (or page)

It would be great if I could inject a little javascript into a blog post that would allow visitors to buy ads and “sponsor this post”. As a micro-advertiser, it would be great to buy ads on specific posts or pages as I’m surfing around. Especially, right after that post gets Slash-dotted, digged, or delicious’d.

Of course, the more your sponsor pays, the more obtrusive the ad could become.

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  1. I’ve noticed now that AdSense ads often display an “Advertise Here” link. I created a couple ad campaigns from these links, but my ads never showed. For some reason AdSense requires you to place a bid in CPM (the amount you’ll pay per thousand impressions) rather than per click. I bumped up my bid very high, but my ads never showed. I am wondering if it was because my ads weren’t relevant to that site.