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One time single page re-design (will pay $250 or iPod Nano 4GB)

I would like to re-design the content of my Web site’s home page. I am looking for text and simple images to convey the purpose of the site (I also wouldn’t mind a new logo, but that is not my primary goal). I will give away an iPod Nano 4GB, or USD$250 (via PayPal or HelpShare) to the person that comes up with the best design (as judged by me). I will decide on a winner November 18th. Sorry, but I will not be able to hand out any partial payments, just one to the best design.

The site is Lookmarks is a “social bookmarking” web site, where members bookmark, search, and share their favorite Web sites. Currently the home page shows the most popular links. I would like to re-design the page to better explain what Lookmarks is about, and of course make the casual visitor more likely to sign-up.

I would like the page to convey in a simple clean way that lookmarks will help you:

1. Access your bookmarks from anywhere
2. Search your bookmarks
3. Share your bookmarks with friends, family, and co-workers.

Please see this page: for more information on what Lookmarks can do.

Please provide HTML and images (not just an image file).

Yes, I know does the same thing, my goal with Lookmarks has been to create a site with broader (non-technical appeal).

I have also posted this on HelpShare, but you don’t have to answer there to get the prize.

Please send your ideas to

Thank you in advance for your work!

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