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Pixel Crazy

UPDATE: I implemented a site in 2005 or so where people could buy (and re-sell) sections of a page with their advertising on it. I called it

I had this idea a year and a half ago about creating a Web page for a charity and selling pixels on it for each company that donated to the charity. I just wasn’t involved with any charities, so the idea didn’t go anywhere.

Well, it looks like this UK student, had the same idea – and the perfect cause – sending himself to school. He’s been at it for a couple months now and just hit the sweet spot of the growth curve, he made over $50k this weekend. Selling pixels on his Web site. I did some research, and found these knock offs. (This list is dynamically maintained using Lookmarks, just add a link to Lookmarks with the tags “pixel advertising” and it will be added to this list).

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