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Podato – won’t you butter me up!

I’ve been thinking alot about social bookmarking and podcasts the last couple weeks. I had to laugh when I came across this site. They’ve really taken it a bit too far. Is this for real? Since Google saw fit to buy Dodgeball this week, Podato can’t be far behind.

Podato – won’t you butter me up!: “To send a podclip just get out your mobile phone, open MMS and invert a voice clip. Now talk about yourself e.g. your name, age, job, interests, personality, your location etc. and send it to, it will then appear as a blog post here so others to subscribe and listen to.”

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  1. Hi, found your post through google updates service. The idea came about a month after I learned about Podcasting (back in October). It wasn’t until I received an email from another local blogger about the idea of podcasting + dating together, that we decided to act upon it.

    I don’t think “it’s going to far”, there are and will be other amazing ideas to come about thanks to podcasting. I’m sure in the future that porn stories read by females will be availabe and people would pay to subscribe to etc… (wouldn’t that be a massive money making idea).

    Thanks for the link to Dodgeball looks an amazing idea, and as for google buying podato? Be next years Aprils fools joke.

    The podato site was launched in March and has received over 700 hits which is not too bad, the sad thing is that people are shy to start off and be the first. The site will be featured in many Irish press newspapers starting from next Friday so here’s hoping we get singles trying it out.

    On Wednesday I decided to start up which takes the same idea but means that anyone can have a voice and become a part of podcasting, all they need is a mobile, the rest is taken care for them. Thanks again,