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(This is an old request of mine that I’m reviving here)

A blogagotchi (or Blogemon) is a monster that inhabits your blog. Your posts are its food, page views are its love, inbound links are its friends, outbound links its exercise. When you sign up for a blogagotchi, it is born – and ages in blog time. If in a few months, if it has eaten well (had lots of posts), and been played with (viewed often) it will be in good health. Otherwise, it will be mean and anemic.

It is an animated GIF or bit of Flash that resides in your side bar. A small window on to Blogagotchi’s world. Each visit finds him playing, sleeping, listening to music – or moping, hungry and lonely. Blogagotchi’s sleeping patterns could even match the sleeping patterns of his owner, based on the statistical distribution of his owner’s posts.

For blogagotchi owners, a web pet is a motivation to create a great blog. For blog readers, a web pet is an instant indication of the health of a blog. Could blogagotchi make friends on his own with other blog pets and suggest them to you? Could visitors click him to give him even more love?

– Reads RSS for pet owners to determine how well fed their pet is, and determine sleeping patterns.

– Polls Technorati for Inbound/Outbound links

– Generates a GIF for each visitor based on the current state of the pet.

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