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Adam is a growth hacker with 17 years professional expertise. He has been a computer hacker since the 1980s, cited in Lotus Magazine in his early teens. Adam’s passion for viral user experience design led him to create Twibes (currently ranked first in Google for “Twitter groups”) and Zuckerbucks, the first virtual currency on Facebook.

Adam was featured in Microsoft’s “A Startup A Week” documentary series, where he built a Facebook app to help Room to Read raise money for a computer lab in Cambodia. His Facebook app “Dumb Americans” won an overnight coding contest at the CommunityNext conference in San Jose. In addition to speaking at several conferences on viral application design, Adam produces and sells a training course for business owners called “Twitter Turbocharger.”

Adam got burnt out on programming briefly in 1996 and took a short 11 month trip around the world to visit 24 countries. From 2000-2003, he lived and worked in London as a software consultant before returning to his native Seattle.

Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Python, MySQL, jQuery, Facebook Platform, Gamification, Twitter API, Google App Engine, mobile development with HTML5, and Heroku.


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